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Stop zero-day threats in zero time with the world's most advanced ML-powered NGFW.

Security capabilities on the Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFW are delivered in an integrated platform that offers application, user and device-based policies, decryption of encrypted traffic, networking capabilities, high availability, and a host of cloud-delivered security subscriptions. Core security capabilities are built into the PAN-OS operating system, which powers all Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFWs. Additional security capabilities are available through the deployment of Cloud-Delivered Security Services on the ML-Powered NGFW.

With the integrated platform, all Cloud-Delivered Security Services work seamlessly with each other. Also, the ML-Powered NGFWs’ single-pass architecture ensures no additional performance overhead when enabling additional features. Seamlessly integrated with our industry-leading NGFWs, our Cloud-Delivered Security Services use the network effect of 85,000 customers to instantly coordinate intelligence and protect against all threats across all vectors. Eliminate coverage gaps across your locations and take advantage of best‑in-class security delivered consistently in a platform to stay safe from even the most advanced and evasive threats. The ML-Powered NGFW is available in hardware (PA-Series), software (VM-Series and CN-Series), and cloud-delivered (Prisma Access) form factors.

See an example for the PA-400R Series here

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