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Welcome to the official site for SpadezStore. We're thrilled to serve you quality and authentic products as always. If you have shopped with us on another platform, you will be pleased to know our process is still smooth and simple while you are shopping. If you have not visited us before, we are glad that you are here because we offer a great experience that is flawless and simple for any shopping needs you may have. Besides Shopping with simplicity is our motto!

At SpadezStore we are a growing e-commerce retailer which was founded and currently headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We have an extensive number of suppliers that we get our products from, and we have thoroughly checked them to make sure that our customers get top notch quality products in which you deserve. I went to college for Political Science to pursue my career in law, but I wanted to take a different path right before the covid-19 pandemic hit and I decided to start the journey to create something to serve everyone in a different way. Our company started by selling valuable products as a marketplace seller, before branching off and becoming an official LLC. We currently sell/have sold many products domestically/internationally and also have many years of experience with shipping, handling and everyday customer service. We have something for everyone and plan on continuous expansion throughout the upcoming years with our partners, our much appreciated customers, and ourselves as a company. A pleasurable experience is what we count on for everyone and it is our philosophy to make your purchase memorable in a positive direction. Shopping should be simple and fun, not tedious and exhausting in which we strive everyday to make the best experience possible for everyone!